About Hippie Cowgirl Couture

Authentic Native American Jewelry

The call of the Wild West—mixed with antique Native American symbols—pervade the designs of our styles and high-quality fashion. Designs also often include exquisite colors, turquoise and blue, which accent natural beauty and are rooted in deep tradition.

At Hippie Cowgirl Couture, we promote confidence, empowerment, and freedom of expression in our quality design settings and turquoise stones. Our company specializes in beautiful turquoise jewelry, for both sophistication and personality. Imbue your wardrobe with the stylings of unique, Native American and Navajo handcrafted works of art.

When guests visit us online, they see the unique style and class of each artfully crafted, Native American turquoise ring, bracelet, necklace, or accessory. From New Mexico to Arizona and throughout the Southwest, our Native American pieces display attitude and cultural recognition through pristine craftmanship. Size matters when it comes to our large turquoise oval gemstones!

Our turquoise items account for the majority of our gorgeous, Native American-made styles. Customers love our bracelets and necklace jewelry selections, and often look for top-of-the-line Southwest fashion.

For those avid cowgirl and cowboy enthusiasts who can’t get enough of turquoise elegance in jewelry and fashion designs, you have come to the right place at Hippie Cowgirl Couture.

Rooted in Southwestern Tradition & Style

Each jewelry arrangement provides a collectible cultural experience. From our gnarly animal-designed belt buckles that adorn ram and bear figures to our quality coin textures, which feature Kokopelli dance displays, there's a Southwest treasure to be found at Hippie Cowgirl Couture.

Here, you can find everything from pendants that highlight Navajo pearl work to specialized leather Concho belts. No matter what piece or pieces you choose, you'll feel connected to the artistry and homage each contains. With us, you can have a collection to be proud of.

Our passion for authenticity in merchandise design and craftsmanship is seen in every jewelry piece. Each purchase is an artistic experience, which carries a small piece of historical tradition, aesthetic flair, and modern style.

Turquoise Jewelry

Are you looking for that splash of turquoise blue color to accent an outfit? The bright blue colors contained in each exquisite jewelry piece delivers the perfect statement to accentuate or stand out.

The variety of sizes, styles, and jewelry types speak to our customers' and selections' individuality. Showcase your unique beauty and confidence by accessorizing in our various merchandise. Over-sized jewelry and high-fashion statements are in; our customers enjoy the signature swirls and unique texture patterns present in turquoise accessories.

Speaking of turquoise, Hippie Cowgirl Couture has it in spades. We boast turquoise jewelry that features bright pendant gemstone settings and rich gemstone arrangements, the ideal "hippie" style for our clientele. Be ready for jaws to drop as you rock these high-quality design gemstones that encompass southwestern flair.

Every date, celebration, and around-the-town event requires just the right outfit and majesty. Our turquoise gems bring to life the unique personality and sophistication of our customers' dress.

Let’s dive deeper into the shapes, textures, and materials that make our turquoise products the pinnacle of Southwest jewelry accessories.


So many fun and fashionable ring options await you at Hippie Cowgirl Couture.

Customer favorite items include six-stone rings, multi-color “fiesta” rings, white buffalo three-ring stacks, warrior ring patterns, large single-stone styles, eight-stone Kingman designs, adjustable clusters of turquoise, and even more specialty crafted pieces.

Rings have the ability to subtly (or lavishly) add that touch to your wardrobe. With our ring selection, natural beauty is front and center for all to see.

Bracelets and Cuffs

An excellent way to complete your denim cowgirl or cowboy wardrobe is with a set or combination of cuffs and bracelets.

Check out our assortment of multicolor inlay cuffs, Sonoran stacker cuffs, turquoise choker bracelets with beaded rows, silver cuffs, and much more. Our turquoise “Big Daddy” and “Head Honcho” cuffs are the ultimate statement pieces.

There is nothing subtle about these bracelets and cuffs. These are great conversation starters for almost any occasion.


Although sometimes considered a subtler clothing piece, make no mistake, our line of belts is anything but. Our array of Concho belt patterns and styles tie turquoise fashion essentials together in striking fashion.

Our selection of Concho belts include various nickel, mercury, and copper coin settings with genuine leather straps that can cater to individual personality, such as in the Liberty coin collection, or internal confidence, as seen in our Warrior coin selection.

Our store offers style and theme choices to give your belt accessory collection a look unlike any other.

Trophy Room Excellence

No shopping visit is complete without a visit to our famous Trophy Room, where guests experience ‘mountain top' items designed to impress.

Each item, large in size and/or intricate in design, will inspire awe and wonder. For instance, our Kachina Bolo or “Dance Hall Diva” necklace. Our cowgirl fashionistas find this showroom to be the ultimate exclamation point in turquoise-themed fashion and accessories.

Share Specialty Collections for Special Events

Our specialty jewelry says so many things, besides ordinary. Every item in our online store boldly proclaims attitude and personality for special occasions. Share one-of-a-kind beauty and freeform style as a gift for you or a loved one.

With our selections, you are sure to be the life of the party and one for conversations. Our accessories help start conversations, show off personal flair, and cater to those with a spirit of their own.

Shop with Hippie Cowgirl Couture

We sell and offer only the finest because you deserve only the finest. We want to bring out the vibrant "Southwest Queen" in you through quality accessory selections.

Shop online quick and conveniently. At Hippie Cowgirl Couture, we sell only the finest in turquoise settings, and product availability is limited to quality stones and handcrafted merchandise.

For questions involving availability and more, contact us. We are here to provide an excellent shopping experience for you to enjoy.

The perfect gift accessory calls for expert advice. We are kindred spirits with every fellow hippie cowgirl or cowboy who buys from us, so browse our site and experience a better way to shop. We can help suggest selections and provide recommendations to truly make use of your love for turquoise and exotic, interesting accessories.

Do you want to experience turquoise beauty from the comfort of your home? You can! Order online from our online store to save time and have everything you need at your fingertips.

Whether you are looking for a great gift, a new piece of jewelry, or a major fashion statement, Hippie Cowgirl Couture has got what you need to dress to impress. Whether you are looking for a few small jewelry items or a complete accessory makeover, we will connect you and your friends with just the right turquoise and exotic items.