Concho Belts

29 products

29 products

Get Your Cowgirl or Cowboy Glamor On

The ultimate Southwest shopping experience awaits you at Hippie Cowgirl Couture. Our cutesy, classy, and natural Southwest accessories are seen in each of our high-quality products.

Think of us as a 'Glamazon' for glamor cowgirl/cowboy outfitting.

We are the perfect stop for customers looking to find a cute outfit for the rodeo, a girls’ night, the line dance, and virtually any other event where classy and cowgirl meet. Accessories can make or break the perfect jean and top combo, right?

Every western cowgirl outfit needs the perfect accessories to bring that extra pop of color. With it, outfits truly come to life. From silver and copper coin textures to bright blue stones, each accessory piece is designed to bring out the Southwest in a way that complements your stylistic attitude and color schemes. Speaking of, are you looking for a fun way to show off your western style with one of our leather belts?

Date night and evenings out with girlfriends or coworkers call for the perfect style and attitude statement. An ideal accessory to enhance natural beauty is through our specialty western belts, which are ready for any occasion where style is a statement.

Our belt selection is not your average one, but a powerful complement to various other western jewelry items available in our store.

No western outfit is truly complete without the right belt (not just any belt will do). For some occasions, only a Hippie Cowgirl western belt will do!

Different than your average, everyday belt, this leather piece gives you just the right glamor needed to 'wow' friends, strangers, and acquaintances. And we pride ourselves not only on our products, but our customer service as well. We're sure when you're among our experts, you'll find the exact inspiration you need in no time. For instance, our store features designs for your wild side, including winged skulls to embedded nickel coin. Depending on your mood and/or outfit, there is a leather belt waiting for you to adorn and add to your wardrobe. Let’s see why our belts raise the bar in classy western accessories!

Some of our customers' favorite 'casual wear' coin belts include genuine quality, hatband leather with eclectic coin designs. In this casual wear options, bright copper and mercury coin patterns trace the premium leather strips, and offers multiple ways to adjust. The subtle style of hatband belts allows your inner cowgirl (or cowboy) to come alive. This style features genuine leather and a narrow fitting.

Enjoy Concho designs with silver coins or signature turquoise stones embedded in our genuine leather belts, with some featuring the famous winged skull belt buckle for extra flair. Concho belts are perfect, bold statement pieces made with genuine leather and/or linked coin designs.

Nickel-silver coins give just the right amount of cowgirl power. Wear the Navajo Concho style confidently over your favorite pair of jeans, and be the envy of your friends and family. In addition to our belt lineup, we also offer western belt designs made for pet collars.

Choose from a variety of buckle options, from lined scalloped designs to the dancing Kokopelli style for that larger, more ornate look. Ram, Kingman, Indian, Butterfly, Sterling, and Liberty Coin images are just a few of the uniquely designed buckles available in our store.

Allow your event and taste variety choose your go-to buckle for different occasions. Mix and match a variety of buckles for your preferred western look. And you know you have to love a big buckle!

In addition to our belt lineup, we also offer western belt designs made for pet collars. Display your dog's western style and pride with one of our leather belt options. Your fur baby will be the talk of the dog park with this classy, western look. Each collar design offers the perfect addition to your pet's accessories, and complements your own style to boot. These fun, leather pieces come in multiple sizes and adjust to fit various neck sizes.

Show Off Your Cowgirl Side

Shop our lineup of western clothing accessories destined to impress.

Our belts are just another statement piece to complete your wardrobe. Why not give the perfect gift to you or a loved one? Check out our online shop options to order and ship your perfect gift for you or a fellow hippie cowgirl friend. Our store is a shopping experience that empowers, inspires, and embraces your creativity.

We look forward to helping you with your creative fashion ideas.