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When I was 6 my Aunt Sylvia let me borrow her turquoise ring. It was a Sleeping Beauty nugget set in a floral pattern, something very common from the 1970’s. In that moment, I was the owner of the most beautiful thing in the entire world!

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Genuine Turquoise Jewelry, Native American

Discover the authentic handiwork of the American Southwest and Native American artistry in the each of the real turquoise gemstones featured in every bracelet, ring, pendant, and necklace design.

Our online store showcases the latest styles and artwork available in our jewelry collections. Artistan Made jewelry from New Mexico to Arizona and throughout the Southwest can be seen in the unique Native American and Navajo styles of our necklaces and bracelets. Here are pieces you can add to your collection:

Our handcrafted necklaces, available in long and short styles, can be worn as exquisite complementary pieces or as staples to any of your high-end fashion outfits. Heishi Kingman and turquoise drop necklaces display vivid vistas, while the fierce beauty of famous Concho styles—emphasized in sterling silver and metal imprints—bring out western flair in anyone. With so many choices in styles and types of jewelry from our selection, there's always something to mix up (or add to) your wardrobe. Our necklace collection also features turquoise clusters and squash blossom that marry design creativity and intricacy. Our shop allows you to choose how bold (or subtle) of a statement you want to make.

Another great way to show off your individuality is through our collection of rings and bracelets. Many of our Native-inspired accessories feature turquoise stones, gemstone inlays, and sterling silver. All of our pieces embody the strength and beauty you want in jewelry. Strength, as shown through metals, and beauty, as noted in the elegance of turquoise's color and texture. Inlay stacker cuffs, strong, sterling silver bracelets, multi-colored flower cluster designs, and large opal stones represent our specialty collections. Find the right jewelry addition, ring, or bracelet here. Choosing a colorful ring adds that note of potency and striking beauty to your cowgirl clothing fashion statement. We adore rings, just as you do. We can help you select turquoise ring designs, set with sterling silver and nickel features, to assist with your jewelry journey.

Earrings are an easy way to add interest and glam up any outfit. And our Turquoise Texas earrings do just the trick. You can also choose from Turquoise Kingman Slab designs, Concho buttons, metal cuffs, and even toddler studs.

A great addition to any jewelry collection is through a turquoise stone inlay, animal design, or other sterling silver pendant. Each of our pendants feature the high quality artistry found in our other jewelry items. Wear your unique Turquoise Texas find as a match to your earring set or necklace, or as a stand-alone.

Hippie Cowgirl Couture also carries a wide selection of belt and belt buckle designs, which feature Concho styles and genuine leather craftsmanship. Our store boasts unisex and men’s options in various styles as well. Bowlers watches and glasses all add to selection variety. Sterling silver chain necklaces and Kingman Bolos make great cowboy statement pieces or unisex jewelry.