The “Big MaMa” Old Pawn Concho Belt


The “Big MaMa” Old Pawn Concho Belt


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    • Sterling Silver
    • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
    • Heaviest Guage Silver I’ve ever seen in a Concho Belt
    • Intricate Stampwork
    • Heavy Patina
    • They don’t build ‘em like this anymore
    • Once in a lifetime piece
    • Heirloom Quality
    • Buckle 4.5”x3”
    • Conchos 4”x3.5”
    • Vintage Leather 1.5” Wide
    • Leather is 59” Long
    • Conchos when Layered End over End are 41”
    • Big, Heavy Belt! 😍😍😍
    • Conchos Slide & Can be Moved or Removed


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